The three pillars of ABM

The foundation of ABM is cross- functional team collaboration. People work as a team to create a data- driven ideal customer profile (ICP) and then provide the ICP with the best account-based experience.

With strong cross-team collaboration, all teams function as one aligned revenue team to create the most appropriate target account list and work on the same ABM strategy.

With seamless coordination across multiple chanels, you ensure each account-based experience is personalized and provides lifelong value to prospective and existing buyers.

To accomplish this, teams must work in tandem and have access
to the same up-to-date information about each account profile and each interaction with that account. That way, every interaction is a relevant, valuable interaction for the buyer.

The coordinated teams’ ability to maintain continuous quality account- based experiences is how your company becomes a reliable resource for your customers. Its how your customers become lifelong advocates of your brand. Endurance is key because account-based experiences are never-ending