A story of evolution, adaptation and growth that spans 30 years of B2B marketing. A story that starts with Pan-European roots and enfolds into a global player. A story that we’re proud of.

A different global agency model

BBN, the world’s B2B agency, is different. As business owners ourselves, we use our entrepreneurial approach to connect and understand your business. Our proven, bespoke end-to-end methodology delivered by experienced agile teams can only be truly effective for your business because our people are genuinely interconnected. As a result, your marketing gets a creative, data-driven solution, that delivers global relevance with local impact. Our input in building your brand value will allow you to focus on other success factors for your business. It’s a totally new way of approaching the global client-agency relationship.

It's tough at the top

Being no.1 sets certain expectations, expectations that we work hard to meet. BBN is a genuinely connected global group of interconnected B2B agencies with over a thousand B2B specialists working in 52 offices in 30 countries, and it has over 300 clients from 23 different B2B sectors generating over $172 million in global billings. Although we’re proud of these numbers, they are only ‘play factors’, and while it secured our no. 1 ranking in 2020, we know you expect more than that!