A new model requires a new approach, one that is agile enough to meet the needs of any client, in any country with any B2B marketing need.

Our approach is based on a simple but very effective matrix model. We identify bespoke integrated delivery teams based on your specific business need. Each team has insights into your geographical market, in-depth experience in your particular industry and target audience, and the necessary strategic, technical and creative competencies. All this is combined with an agile account management process, which we call our Rules of Engagement, and that ensures everything runs as smoothly as possible.

By aligning ourselves and understanding your business challenges, we can then provide insightful, effective campaigns that are carefully tailored to your operating regions. Because we have an extensive global talent pool and literally hundreds of discipline experts to draw from, we genuinely can deliver an end-to-end solution, but through a one-agency experience, you never feel like you are dealing with several different partners.

Matrix model graphic

We couldn’t deliver that one-agency experience without rigorous processes and methodologies, so we’ve spent the last 20 years evolving and perfecting BBN Navigator, our integrated B2B marketing toolset, adopted in all agency locations. It allows us to guide marketers through all the challenges of B2B marketing from brand and contact strategy through to campaign delivery. And it helps us, internally, to deliver a tried, tested and definitive approach to local and international B2B marketing. It’s a methodology that is cultivated from years of experience and the collective intelligence of some of the top B2B minds in the world.

BBN Navigator clearly expresses WHAT we do and HOW we do it. For the WHAT, the four core offerings are Brand, Creative, Martech and Communications. All are at the heart and soul of what we do and what clients need. For the HOW, the five key aspects apply to all of the core offerings: discovery, strategy, idea, activation and optimisation. So, each core offering is delivered with the same differentiated rigour and passion. And the continuity of approach ensures integration and synergy. It’s clear, simple and proven to be effective. Just what you’d expect from the world’s B2B agency.

BBN Navigator

What we do and how we do it

BBN Navigator guides our approach through the various communication stages from discovery and strategy through creative ideas, connection and activation and finally to optimisation. During the discovery and strategic phase, we will look at buyer journeys, content audits, competitor analysis, marketing objectives, research & insights, target audience personas, branding strategy, communication objectives, content strategy, channel strategy, digital strategy and establish KPIs and audience needs. This will then allow us to move to messaging, communication concepts, creative concepts, campaign messaging frameworks, advertising and campaign design.

When we reach the activation point, we’ll work with you to develop a communications plan, create content and a value proposition and based on the communication objectives, we may look at account-based marketing, content marketing, employer branding, marketing automation, media planning & buying, partner marketing, public & media relations and social media.

In order to optimize the communication strategy, we’ll ensure that you have the appropriate analytics platforms in place, as well as business intelligence, metrics, search engine optimisation and social monitoring.

To support the plan, we can advise on the most relevant and appropriate martech stack, data & CRM systems, automation platforms, marketing cloud services, programmatic, analytics and other optimization tools.

Of course, you may not need all the elements mentioned above at any given time, and that’s why our flexible methodology meets your needs wherever you might be on your marketing path, whether that might be a need for content or tools to help generate and nurture leads.