Working and winning together.

The agency world is a graveyard of account wins that might have been. And many of the lost opportunities have nothing to do with quality, strategy or creativity – or lack of it.

Instead, defeat usually comes down to a poor understanding of the brief, lack of discipline around vetting of opportunities, or bad pitch planning.

Business development is an area that agencies struggle with but as a BBN partner, you can tap into a bank of knowledge and experiences from some of the world’s best performing B2B agencies. For BBN, this all starts with our Pitch to Win process for which we have created a 28-page guide that covers everything from the first contact with a potential new client and the questions you ask to qualify the lead, all the way through to evaluating successful—and unsuccessful proposals—for learnings that can be applied moving forward.

Support for your business development

Additionally, BBN Central offers direct business development support through our own business development team for joint opportunities between partners. Our centralized support can also be leveraged to bolster your own team if resources are stretched through direct coaching or by having us oversee the development of a proposal for your agency. When you become a partner of BBN, you gain access to some of the most successful agencies in the world. From training junior business development associates on our Pitch to Win process, to coordinating multi-million dollar, international pitches, we support our partner agencies to ensure they continue to grow both their capabilities and their business.

“Particularly in new business development we fundamentally try to sell a complete range of marketing services knowing full well we can rely on BBN partners to fill any gaps that we can’t provide ourselves directly. For example, I can easily sell in a brand portfolio assignment, and in collaboration with other partners, we can present a comprehensive proposal and have the ability and confidence to execute."
Sara Aschan, Managing Director,
APlusM, Sweden

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