A story of evolution, adaptation and growth that spans 30 years of B2B marketing. A story that starts with Pan-European roots and enfolds into a global player. A story that we’re proud of.

The power of engagement and collaboration

BBN is a collaborative agency-owned organisation, with every agency an equity partner – all sharing the same genuine passion for B2B. Our combined knowledge and understanding of communications in the sector are almost impossible to match.

Since 1987, BBN has been providing a wealth of B2B experience in every corner of the world. Our partners make us a vibrant organisation, bursting with energy and enthusiasm for what we do. BBN agencies are driven by a passion for developing and sharing industry-leading processes, systems and intellectual property for the greater good of their B2B clients. This makes BBN’s combined, dynamic spirit, infectious and inherent. Our core strength lies in our highly structured approach, underpinned by focused management. We are an exemplary model for all organisations in the alignment of large numbers of people working across five continents.

It's tough at the top

Being no.1 sets certain expectations, expectations that we work hard to meet. BBN is a fully integrated global group of interconnected B2B agencies with over a thousand B2B specialists working in 61 offices in 32 countries, and collectively it has over 500 clients from 23 different B2B sectors generating over $187 million in global billings. Although we’re proud of these numbers, they are only ‘play factors’, and while it secured our no. 1 ranking in 2020 in global industry benchmark reports, we know that our clients expect more than that!

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