Partners don't pay fees to partner with BBN, they invest in their future.

There is an investment in both time and money when you become a BBN partner and its important you understand the full potential of the return on that investment.

Our partners believe the benefits are both financial and developmental. It is clear that the BBN agencies who gain the most are also those willing to invest the most in terms of engagement and effort. BBN really is what you make of it.

Being a partner of BBN is about 'give and take' – and the agencies who have consistently contributed to BBN are always the ones that get the most out of it. Just as you expect reliable and efficient responses from others, you must be sure you have the time and capabilities to do the same for your international BBN colleagues when they ask for your support.

BBN partnership should be a fundamental part of your business strategy and like any other investment, nurture it, and it will reward you with significant returns.

Business development benefits:

  • Confidently pitch for larger national clients as part of an international B2B agency. BBN partnership provides the credibility and knowledge to pitch successfully for larger B2B clients both locally and internationally.
  • Become involved in international business – This can increase turnover and allow access to clients who would otherwise be unattainable
  • BBN’s support team will help during international pitches, with strong expertise, case studies, and cultural checks
  • Gain the benefits from a collaborative marketing and new business strategy
  • Become part of a substantial player in our industry - in 2020, the total sales of BBN agencies was $187 million.

Organisational development benefits:

  • Benefit from a proven methodology consisting of techniques, processes and tools that have been developed using the combined knowledge and expertise of all BBN agencies and from global best practises
  • The BBN methodology will help demonstrate superior expertise to clients and provide a consistent management framework for international accounts
  • Benefit from speedy assistance from international colleagues in researching ideas that may need testing in other countries
  • Become part of a global B2B agency-organisation of like-minded business owners who face similar challenges, and who will be willing to openly discuss and share how they have tackled their business problems
  • Have access to meetings (such as conferences & academies) which provide a forum for knowledge- sharing, exposure to different cultures and employee development
  • Have access to resources, skills and specialist expertise

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