Commitment. Trust. Support.

Collaboration is not a shortcut to growth and expansion; it takes a lot of commitment time and effort. If you are relying on a team outside of your organisation to deliver a service or expertise on your behalf, you must have a 100% trust and confidence that they will live up to expectations.

Collaboration within BBN quite often goes beyond supporting clients. Our partners regularly consult each other in matters of an operational nature, for example, HR or financial issues and challenges.

So, critical for BBN's success is that partners are totally committed to the BBN Charter and to offering support and invest the time and energy into nurturing relationships that build trust.

Retain your entrepreneurial spirit

One of the things that define the BBN partnership dynamic is its inherent entrepreneurial spirit. Anyone who is an owner-manager is taking higher than usual business and personal financial risks. It’s something our agencies feel continually while trying to feed a staff hungry for work.

Participating in an organisation where these challenges can be openly shared with other principals with whom you are not in competition, and surprisingly have gone through many of the same issues and problems, cannot be underestimated.

It's expected that the qualities, skills and experience that make you a successful agency business owner can be applied to improving and developing BBN through dedicated task teams and BBN initiatives.

Attending events to create the next generation of B2B

Our BBN conferences and academies provide a highly effective platform for learning and collaboration. Each BBN conference and academy is scripted and highly orchestrated. Every year, they incorporate a series of events designed to bring people together, developing our culture of collaboration, ensuring we all have the best structures, processes and cultural checks in place to help clients all over the world. These events are places where the people of BBN can further their talents on a worldwide stage. Spending time with like-minded people, away from the office (in non-covid times), in a fresh environment gives everyone a new perspective. It’s inspiring. It allows for the free sharing of ideas not available in our normal, day-to-day working environments.

What we look for in a partner

Gaining value from BBN requires commitment. BBN is a give and take organisation and, as such, being a partner means embracing the resource commitments required by BBN, each of which is scalable depending on the size and capabilities of the agency.

The resource commitments you will be expected to make fall broadly into the following categories:

  • Maintain a high response rate to requests or checks from BBN agencies
  • Engage and network with your international colleagues
  • Attendance at BBN’s two major annual events • Supply content and case studies
  • Become involved with one or more of BBN’s development and/or task teams
  • Keep BBN up-to-date on all agency information through the online platform
  • Make use of BBN’s learning program to train your employees in BBN processes
“Tapping into the collective creative capital is a huge benefit; BBN has accomplished professionals in all corners of the world. It is an inexpensive way to help grow the professional base of an agency. It is also a client retention tool - we let prospective and existing clients know we are wired into the global marketing world in which we live. Moreover, intellectual capital, sharing ideas and gaining perspectives strengthens an agency's capabilities. We are a stronger agency because of it. BBN is for the enlightened agency president or CEO who understands the importance of growing professional capabilities of people and understanding the importance of a global marketplace.”
Greg Nickerson, Chairman,
Bader Rutter, USA

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