The Agenda

This event will offer tailored panel discussions across three different time zones.

The concept for the FACE (of) THE FUTURE conference is to communicate the root causes of key marketing dysfunctions and to engage with panels and the audience to start to develop solutions. The event will feature three keynotes designed to cover the challenges at the core of our industry dilemma:

  • Not neglecting brand building in this age of hyper-targeted messaging
  • Determining strategy then agreeing on tactics
  • Changing the organizational mindset and creating the right culture

Following each keynote, we will then hold a panel discussion that will aim to focus on the individual issues associated with the keynotes.

To complete each keynote theme, experts from BBN, our clients and sponsors will share real-world case studies and expertise that aims to support each topic.


Our keynote speakers and BBN’s partners represent some of the best sales and marketing thinking, and we aim to give attendees, a forum to gather, learn from our experts, and perhaps just as importantly, learn from each other.