Influencing Themes

In the headlong pursuit to exploit marketing technology and create new efficiencies for securing new customers, we are deteriorating the best of marketing and having a detrimental effect on our collective industry performance.

This event will offer tailored agendas and keynotes across three different time zones across the following themes and topics.

There is an overwhelming sense of ‘them and us’ which always breeds the intention to find who is to blame. It’s not who nor is it what. To point to the technology as the dark destroyer that brought us to this point would be Luddite, but we have to put our minds to making technology work for us, not against us. The unintended consequences of a technology-first mindset are:

  • The relationship between art and science is out of balance
  • Sales and marketing don’t work as a team
  • The role of the CMO (marketing) is devalued in the C suite team
  • Tactics have superseded strategy
  • Client agency relationships have become dysfunctional
  • Marketing, in general, is viewed as a commodity

The concept for the CMO Face (of) The Future conference is to communicate the root causes of these dysfunctions and to engage with the audience/s and start to develop solutions for the individual challenges. Our main stage will feature three keynotes designed to cover the challenges at the core of our industry dilemma:

  • Changing the organizational mindset and creating the right culture
  • Determining strategy then agreeing on tactics
  • Managing the technology instead of the technology managing us

Following each keynote, we will then have side stage breakout sessions that will aim to focus on the individual issues associated with the keynotes and will equally focus on the perspectives of the Marketeers, Management, the Technologists.