F-Secure, an IT security solutions provider, launched a multi-phase marketing campaign aimed at business end-users and IT security resellers in 16 countries. Our key offerings were an updated version of our flagship Business Suite solution and our Client Security solution. We had high expectations both in terms of end-customer sales and partner activation, with first phase targets of 20% of users starting to use the updated version and, even more importantly, 20 per cent upgrading to Client Security Premium.


The campaign began with the development of a creative concept that would be used in all campaign materials. After much deliberation, we chose concept called ‘the Driver’s seat’. It communicated key messages like this one:

“With Business Suite Premium, you’re in the driver’s seat. It’s the ultimate in control, with advanced features like automatic patch management for all your apps, the ability to selectively limit Web browsing, and heightened security for activities of your choice like online banking.” The concept included compelling visuals that were well in line with the F-Secure brand.

After nailing the creative concept, we began implementing it into all campaign materials. These included landing pages, emails, banners, online brochures, and webinar invitations. Master versions of all materials were first created in English, then localized in 16 language and country variations.


The key targets were to get 20% of licensees to start using the new updated version and 20% to upgrade their Client Security to a Premium version. That would increase customer retention and build commitment to F-Secure solutions. The campaign produced a 28% update result, with over 830,000 user licenses updated.

Out of nearly 600,000 Client Security license holders, 260,000 moved to the Premium edition, a total of over 32% - beating our goal by 50%.

Most importantly Business License sales that had been static grew by 30% in six months. That represents €1.5 million, an increase that exceeded Q2 sales targets by 2% globally. The long term effect of this is substantial since it will bear fruit in the years to come as well through increased customer loyalty and retention.