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In a series of discussions, we'll be hearing insightful debate on a range of topics from branding during merger and acquisitions to Account-Based Marketing. See our screening schedule below.

Marketing has changed drastically in the last ten years, demanding a wider range of specialized skill sets, especially within the digital space. At present, a combination of in-house staff and outsourced marketing support is the most common scenario.

However, a lot of businesses are reviewing their structure as they see an increasing need for specialized skills. We discuss which model could be the most interesting for both clients and agency partners.

Outsourcing Vs Insourcing your marketing & communications

Discussing marketing outsourcing as an alternative to traditional insourcing models.

The Vital Role of Brand in Mergers & Acquisitions

Often overlooked in the complexity of M&A, humanity is a forgotten element of due diligence, and the most important.

In today’s volatile business environment, opportunistic business strategies are changing corporate landscapes and B2B brands. While much effort is placed on due diligence to ensure the pragmatic success of the “deal”, the neglected human side of merging or acquired entities can often become the most challenging issue.

In this informal and candid conversation, join Peter and Gabi as they discuss the BBN approach and find out how brand culture can set the framework for success, and eliminate one of the key reasons M&A’s fail.

Brand in Mergers & Acquisitions

Humanity is often a forgotten element of M&A

due diligence, and the most important.

Build a resilient sales funnel

Join BBN experts as they reveal the top 10 things you must do to build a resilient sales funnel.

ABM is B2B Marketing

When the numbers of arrows in the marketing quiver

are limited, it's time to focus.